It is Africa’s complete online shopping experience.

TV Mall started in 2018 as an innovative home shopping company using the TV live show format for selling its products.

It sells exclusive products that are not available in other retail shops. The company deals in products ranging from Health, Home and Beauty to Fitness and Furniture and much more.

Due to the pandemic like many companies TV Mall also pivoted towards Online Shopping.

With its seasoned professionals in direct marketing, customer-first approach, and investment in developing a website and a mobile application, TV Mall now offers a seamless online shopping experience to its loyal and new customers.


Due to the pandemic TV Mall restructured its approach and pivoted towards online shopping.

For the smooth and efficient working of online shopping, TV Mall wanted an eCommerce solution that enabled the customers to place orders either by using the website or the mobile application.

The eCommerce solution had to provide a consolidated inventory view on the website and mobile app and had to provide the entire workflow of:

  • Order Placement
  • Payment and payment status tracking
  • Shipment and shipment status tracking
  • Order status tracking


Exavibes works in a very consultative manner from start to the end with the clients. We pay close attention to every minute requirement and provide appropriate solutions.

Our team of experts had extensive discussions with the business stakeholders during the conceptual phase on various design, implementation, and testing decisions. And then as the project progressed we had regular review and feedback sessions to assess the progress.

We were extremely sensitive towards the company’s branding guidelines and ensured that it is followed diligently.


The team of web developers, graphic designers, and business analysts of Exavibes clearly understood the client’s requirements. Then a website wireframe, with a sitemap listing essential webpages and functionality was shared with the client to provide them the look and feel of the final product.

The UI/UX designs, data fields, database, and functionality requirement was then approved to initiate the development.

The professionals at Exavibes used the popular content management system:Mgento 2.x for website development and Mgento page builder to provide the unique theme and page design.

The website was integrated with the automated shipping system, reports management system, and other third-party tools like payment gateways. The website was thoroughly tested on all browsers, mobile and desktops to ensure no compatibility issue arises.


The website and mobile app development were going side-by-side. The mobile app team of experts conducted multiple sessions with the client to gather information on the app requirements.

The frontend team worked on the UI and UX aspect of the mobile application and the backend team developed the best-in-class admin panel. The admin panel facilitated the client to have a centralized control on the changes/updates required to be made in the app in future.

The client was also provided the facility to have a dashboard that provided a one-stop destination for the entire analytics pack like KPIs, reports, charts, etc.

This enabled the client to have easy access to information on the company’s performance like revenue generation, preferred products, average order value, orders received, etc. This helped the client to dedicate more time to decision-making related to its core business and less time in consolidating data from various sources.

Post a stringent testing process at all levels the mobile app was launched on both the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.


The team effort bore fruit and the entire project was delivered on time and within the client’s budget.

Since the launch of the mobile application, it has been downloaded 5000+ times and has a 4+ rating both in the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

The website was launched on July 2018. TV Mall's website gets around 100000 monthly unique visitors and they are able to successfully service 600000 order requests monthly through their website.

We have received great feedback on the products delivered and how it is helping the client to grow its business. The satisfied client also praised our dedicated team of experts.